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Purchase Note

1. It is Roborock S50 S55 International Version, the original EU plug and the CE mark.

2. It is TAX FREE if choose ship from RU and ES warehouse. You will enjoy the local service.

3. The original language of the robot is English. If have demands, please download Mi Home App, and you could adjust the language into Spanish, Russian, or Korean.

4. Six voice pack were available for the robot, they are Chinese, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.



1. Abnormal behavior.

Shut down and restart.

2. Charge Problem.

Charge it first through the charging base before use. The ambient temperature cannot be too low (below 0℃) or too high (above 50℃). Use it to 0-40℃.

3. Unable to load.

a. The charging base is not connected to electricity, please confirm that both ends of the mains charger are plugged properly.

b. Poor contact. please clean the shrapnel of the charging base and the sweeper robot touch pad. And confirm that the charge indicator is lit.

4. It cannot be reloaded.

There are too many obstacles near the charging base. Please put the charging base in the open area and the cleaning robot near the charging base.

5. Abnormal noise during cleaning.

Please check whether the main brush, side brush or wheel contains abnormal items. Clean up after shutdown.

6. Deterioration of cleaning ability

a. The dust box is full. please clean the dust box.

b. The filter is locked. Clear the filter.

c. The main brush is entangled with something. please clean up the main brush.

7. Unable to connect to Wi-Fi

Make sure that the cleaning robot is located in the area covered by Wi – Fi signals. Or reset Wi – Fi and download the latest application to reconnect.

8. Regular cleaning function does not work.

Please check whether the battery power is enough. The remaining power must be greater than 20 % before the robot start cleaning regularly.

9. Has the charger run out of power?

When the robot is connected with the charging base, the power consumption is very low. With the robot connected with the charging base, it can help to maintain the best performance of the battery.

10. Whether should I charge for 16 hours before using it?

Lithium battery has no memory effect and should be charged soon and often. It is not necessary to wait 16 hours when the battery is full.

11. When using the mopping function, there is always little or no water.

Check if there is water in the water tank. Clean the MOP; replace the filter; follow the instructions to install the MOP correctly.

12. There is a large amount of water was drained from the sink.

Please make sure the tank cover and filter are installed correctly.

13. The robot cannot continue cleaning after recharging.

Please make sure the robot is not in ” do not disturb mode” because it will not continue scanning under ” do not disturb mode”. If you manually load or place the robot at the bottom of the loader, it will not continue scanning.

14. After partial cleaning or re-positioning, the robot cannot return to the charging base.

After partial cleaning or long distance movement, the robot will generate a new map. If it is too far away from the charger base, the robot may not automatically reload, please manually reload the robot into the charger base.


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