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A woman’s handbag is a part of her personality. It is a useful creation for a woman to carry different essentials with her. A handbag is also a beautiful, helpful and creative piece of fashion.

Every other bag is different from each other with different colors, styles, prices, patterns, etc.

There are many kinds of bags like

  • satchel bags
  • bucket bags
  • barrel bags
  • hobo bags
  • tote bags
  • shoulder tote
  • Clutches

Women just love to carry different bags according to fashion and occasion. Fashion is changing day by day; bags are also modified with time. From teens to matures women are in love with bags of different vibrant colors and patterns. Some love to carry with long straps, some love to carry on shoulders, some love to carry in hands, etc.

Bags are a must for ladies as they have so much to carry like beauty products, sanity products, accessories, etc.

  • Materials, bags are manufactured from different materials like the animal skin, fur, leather, etc.
  • Colors, they have different color ranges like a dull, bright, glittery, matte, etc.
  • Sizes, they are of many sizes. Everyone has its own choices and requirement for sizes.
  • There is a wide range of beautiful decent bags varying differently in sizes, colors, material, and quality at Mine Souq, the online store in the middle east.
  • Genuine leather bags (They have many leather bags which are genuine leather made)
  • Laptop bag (They have a 15-inch laptop backpack with USB charging and anti-theft)
  • Bags quantity (3 and 4 pieces bag set are also available)
  • Handmade (handmade flowered bags)
  • Flamingo (flamingo patterned bag)
  • Acrylic (acrylic luxury clutches)
  • Wood (acrylic wood travel clutches)
  • Bow (designer bow clutches)
  • Clutches bags
  • Barrel (barrel-shaped box acrylic clutch bags)
  • Glittered (golden glittered designer bags)
  • Boston bags
  • Aluminum(golden aluminum cross-body)
  • Box-shaped (box-shaped metal lock clutches)
  • Candy (candy-colored and canvas messenger bag)
  • Travel bag (travel climbing bags)
  • Chest and shoulders bag

There are many other bags of different styles, different patterns. Mine Souqhas all of them to fulfill your desires.
2019 will be the great year for upcoming fashion senses as many trends have kept for a long and now it is time to renew some trends. Bags are also going to modify much more. Already taken the fashion ground by box clutches, metal clutches, 3D designs, and acrylic ones.

Top cities of Dubai

ABU DHABI fashion trends are on high there
AJMAN these are top cities of Dubai so as top trendy cities also
SHARJAH Mine Souq is from Dubai so these cities are in love with the brandy items of Mine Souq.

Mine Souq is the best place for online shopping so people from all over the world are attracted to its hottest collection and quality products. Whatever you want and whenever you want the quickest delivery with the best attractive and reasonable items are on a single platform that is your own Mine Souq. Just visit and roam around the whole world of fashion, as it is the passion and hobby of a woman.

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